Ssc gd important Question 2021 Most VVI synonyms/Antonyms

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ssc gd important question & Ans Today Most important synonyms and antonyms for ssc gd 2021 . Ssc gd All shift question paper with ans Today also you can Read here previous years ssc gd important question with ans.

ssc gd important question

  1. Conceal –
    (a) Show (b) Hide
    (d) Excuse (c) Cancel

Ans:- (b) Conceal (Verb) means hiding.
Synonyms:- Hide, shadow, secret
Antonyms:- Open, frank, blunt

  1. Efficient
    (a) Clever (b) Smart
    (c) Known (d) Capable

Ans:- (d) Efficient (Adjective) means being able to perform.
Synonyms:- Active, deft, proficient
Antonyms:- Delicate, idle, fragile

  1. Disease
    (a) Fall (b) Damage
    (d) Injury (c) Illness

Ans:- (c) Disease (Noun) means getting ill.
Synonyms:- Misery, stroke, bug
Antonyms:- Ability, boon, strength

  1. Right
    (a) Correct (b) Marked
    (d) Finished (c) Straight

Ans :- (a) Right (Adjective) means correct.
Synonyms:- True, good, suitable
Antonyms:- False, wrong, unsuitable

  1. Apprehended
    (a) Understood (c) Feared
    (b) Arrested (d) Questioned

Ans:- (b) Apprehended (Verb) means catching someone for a legal reason

Synonyms:- Bust, collar, capture Antonyms:- Free, lose, release

  1. Genuine
    (a) Real (c) Similar
    (b) Unreal (d) False

Ans:- (a) Genuine (Adjective) means real.
Synonyms:- Exact, plain, original
Antonyms:- Doubtful, dubious e.g., The genuine people will help you in the trouble.

  1. Fatuous
    (a) Fastidious (c) Funny
    (b) Fantastic (d) Silly
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Ans:- (d) Fatuous (Adjective) means silly and dull
Synonyms:- Absurd, foolish, lunatic
Antonyms:- Sensible, keen, smart

  1. Artful
    (a) Artistic (b) Cunning
    (c) Intelligent (d) Attractive

Ans:- (b) Artful (Adjective) means being cunning and decisive. Synonyms:- Adroit, adept, smart
Antonyms:- Awkward, artless, inept

Most ssc gd important question read carefully

  1. Propinquity
    (a) Propensity (c) Nearness
    (b) Prosperity (d) Foresight

Ans:- (c) Propinquity (Noun) is synonym for nearness or closer.

Synonyms:- Affinity, kinship,nearness
Antonyms:- Distance, remoteness, farther

  1. Promiscuous
    (a) Conspicuous (b) Virtuous
    (c) Indiscriminate (d) Spontaneous

Ans :- (c) Promiscuous (Adjective) means indiscriminate in nature Synonyms:- Dissolute, wanton, wild
Antonyms:- Chaste, careful, frigid

  1. Irascible
    (a) Temperamenta (c) Angry
    (b) Envious (d) Irritable

Ans:- (d) Irascible (Adjective) means irritable in nature.

Synonyms:- Cranky, choleric, passionate
Antonyms:- Cheerful, happy, pleasant

  1. Debacle
    (a) Decline (c) Discomfiture
    (b) Downfall (d) Degeneration

Ans:- (b) Debacle (Noun) is the condition of downfall.

Synonyms:- Down fall, failure, havoc Antonyms:- Success, triumph, victory

(a) Banish (c) Beguile
(b) Belittle (d) Besiege

Ans:- (a) Ostracise (Verb) is to restrict someone or banish. Synonyms:- Exile, banish, boycott
Antonyms:- Accept, allow, permit

  1. Prophylactic
    (a) Antagonistic (c) Preventive
    (b) Toxic (d) Purgative

Ans:- (c) Prophylactic (Adjective) is being preventive in nature.
Synonyms:- Preventive,contraceptive, barrier
Antonyms:- Allowance, permit

  1. Coddle
    (a) Huddle (c) Protect
    (b) Satisfy (d) Cheat

Ans:- (b) Coddle (Adjective) means to satisfy someone.
Synonyms:- Indulge, cosset, caress Antonyms:- Ignore, turn, away, neglect

  1. Flimsy
    (a) Funny (c) Weak
    (b) Irrational (d) Partisan

Ans:- (c) Flimsy (Adjective) means too weak and fragile.
Synonyms:- Weak, fragile, poor
Antonyms:- Strong, sturdy, tough

VVI ssc gd important question syno and Anto

  1. Luxuriant
    (a) Luxury-loving (c) Rich
    (b) Lovely (d) Abundant

Ans :- (d) Luxuriant (Adjective) is synonym:- for being abundant. Synonyms:- Opulent, deluxe, profusive
Antonyms:- Poor, arid, barren

  1. Derision
    (a) Humiliation (c) Ridicule
    (b) Embarrassment (d)Condemnation

Ans:- (c) Derision (Adjective) is being ridicule in one’s behaviour. Synonyms:- Ridicule, joke, satire Antonyms:- Admiration, praise, respect.

  1. Trite
    (a) Commonplace (c) Brief
    (b) Clever (d) Impudent

Ans:- (a) Trite (Adjective) means being uninteresting as it has been seen many a times. So, it is synonym to commonplace.
Synonyms:- Banal, stale, vapid
Antonyms:- Fresh, relevant, uncommon

  1. Irreproachable
    (a) Remarkable (c) Faultless
    (b) Extraordinary (d) Immense

Ans :- (C) Extraordinary

  1. Felicity
    (a) Prosperity (b) Honesty
    (d) Sorrow (c) Bliss

Ans:- (a) Felicity (Noun) is referred to prosperity.
Synonyms:- Delight, elation, pleasure
Antonyms:- Depression, dislike, misery

  1. Knave
    (a) Emperor (b) Enchanter
    (c) Soldier (d) Scoundrel

Ans:- (d) Knave (Noun) means being evilish. So, scoundrel is correct
Synonyms:- Bastard, fraud, rogue
Antonyms:- Hero, genuine, gentle

  1. Frontier
    (a) Edge (b) Landmark
    (c) Boundary (d) Corner

Ans:- (c) Frontier (Noun) means boundary of a premise.
Synonyms:- Bound, limit, confines Antonyms:- Inside, center, interior

  1. Rout
    (a) Death (b) Defeat
    (c) Loss (d) Crash

Ans:- (b) Rout (Noun) is when someone is defeated.
Synonyms:- Debacle, retreat, ruin Antonyms:- Miracle, wonder, calmi

  1. Forego
    (a) Renounce (c) Leave
    (b) Disow (d) Accumulate

Ans:- (c) Forego (Verb) means to leave something.
Synonyms:- Forefeit, waive, quit
Antonyms:- Complete, finish, veto

26 . Recipients
(a) Creators (b) Donors
(c) Receivers (d) Instigators

Ans:- (c) Recipients (Noun) is someone who receives something from someone.
Synonyms:- Receiver, heir, donee
Antonyms:- Donor, giver, supplier

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