Draupadi Murmu biography, age, caste, daughter, husband, children, family, education, religion, previous office, and more

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Draupadi murmu NDA presidential candidate. today people are discussing Draupadi murmu Draupadi murmu biography, age, caste, daughter, husband, children, family, education, religion, previous office, and more.

Draupadi murmu becoming the next President of India after Ramnath kovind Ramnath kovind was 14th president of India and Draupadi murmu becoming the 15th President of India.

Draupadi murmu biography

Draupadi murmu is an NDA presidential candidate and become the next President of India. See contesting against Yashwant Sinha. here you can know Draupadi murmu all details. Today election pool counting starts for the Presidential election 2022. In this election, if Draupadi murmu is a winner then she will become the first tribal resident in India.

Draupadi murmu biography

Name Draupadi Murmu
Draupadi murmu is from which partyBJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)
Draupadi murmu is the governor of which stateOdisha
Draupadi Murmu Education QualificationBachelor of arts
Drapadi murmu sonsLaxman murmu who died in 2009, and others son died in 2013
Draupadi murmu belongs to which tribeST
draupadi murmu oppositionJashwant sinha
Draupadi murmu struggleFor Indian People
Draupadi murmu studykb hs uperbeda school Mayurbhanj odisha
draupadi murmu sc or stST
draupadi murmu date of birthBorn June 20 1958
draupadi murmu wife ofSyam Charan murmu who passes away in 2014
Draupadi murmu father nameBiranchi Narayan Tudu
draupadi murmu village namebaldaposi
Draupadi murmu mother tongueSantali
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Draupadi Murmu president of India biography

Draupadi murmu Born June 20 1958 Birthplace Uparbeda Mayurbhanj Odisha India.she is Age 64 years of age her father name Viranchi Narayan tudu.draupadi murmu’s Political party Bhartiya Janata Party BJP.she complete her Education Ramadevi Women’s University.
Profession political leader and her Wait 74 kilo and Height 5 feet 4 inch.

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draupadi murmu Birthplace baidaposi, Odisha draupadi murmu belong to Religion Hindu and Cast ST.Draupadi murmu she next president of India her Children is three 2 son and one daughter.Son Laxman murmu who died in 2009, and others son died in 2013.Daughter itishree murmu (bank worker).

Draupadi murmu previosly Serving as Jharkhand governor she is Nationality Indian.smt Draupadi murmu education qualification BA. president draupadi murmu home Address she residents in village baldaposi, PO – Rairangpur, w. No – 2, district :- Mayurbhanj, state :- Odisha.

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The hobby of Draupadi murmu:- reading, knitting
Marital status widow.Previous office governor of Jharkhand minister of state for freshers and animal minister of state for Commerce and transport member of Odisha Legislative Assembly.

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Draupadi murmu family details

Draupadi murmu is resident of Odisha district she previously serve as governor of Jharkhand state. her three children two sons and one daughter .but Draupadi murmu lost her husband in 2014 and two sons Laxman murmu who died in 2009, and another son died in 2013.

Draupadi murmu vijay

Draupadi Murmu won the presidency of India after defeating Yashwant Sinha in the presidential election. Draupadi Murmu once again proved herself as a suitable candidate for the post of the 15th President of India.

Draupadi Murmu got 540 votes in the presidential election and the opposition party and candidate Yashwant Sinha got 208 votes. Draupadi Murmu will be sworn in as the President of India on 25 July 2022 after the current President of India Ram Nath Kovind retires on 24 July.

Draupadi Murmu NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu defeated Yashwant Sinha by a huge margin.

Draupadi murmu new president Draupadi murmu new Rashtrapati

ভারতের নতুন রাষ্ট্রপতি নির্বাচিত হলেন দ্রৌপদী মুর্মু তিনি ৫০% ভোট পেয়ে বিপুল ভোট জয় যুক্ত হলেন।

রাষ্ট্রপতি ভোটে যসবন্ত সিনহাকে হারিয়ে দ্রৌপদী মুর্মু ভারতের রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে জয়যুক্ত হলেন। নিজেকে ভারতের ১৫তম রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে উপযুক্ত প্রার্থী পদে আবারো প্রমাণ করলেন দ্রৌপদী মুর্মু।

রাষ্ট্রপতি নির্বাচনে দ্রৌপদী মুর্মুর প্রাপ্ত ভোট ৫৪০ এবং বিরোধী দল ও প্রার্থী যশবন্ত সিনহার প্রাপ্ত ভোট ২০৮ টি। ২৪ জুলাই ভারতের বর্তমান রাষ্ট্রপতি রামনাথ কোবিন্দের অবসর নেওয়ার পর ২৫ শে জুলাই ২০২২ দ্রৌপদী মূর্মু ভারতের রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে শপথ নেবেন।

বিপুল সংখ্যক ভোটে যশবন্ত সিনহাকে হারিয়ে ভারতের রাষ্ট্রপতি পদে দ্রৌপদী মুর্মু এন ডি এ রাষ্ট্রপতি পদপ্রার্থী দ্রৌপদী মুর্মু।

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